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Een kerstwens van Lieven Annemans

A virus went viral and played its game.

Fear overrules, society got insane.

People lost their rights, freedom taken away.

Grief, hate and envy on the menu of each day.

Dreams were broken, wrong choices made.

A slippery slope to a desperate state.

Time to reconnect. Madness must disappear.

Let’s create a future, senseful and dear.

Where we smile again and go hand in hand.

Where it’s good to be good and social distance is banned.

Let’s take care of our body and mind,

and discover the wonder of ties that bind.

Spend more time together and put screens aside.

Think in shades of grey instead of black and white.

A new year is a gift, a blessing, a new start.

We can shape it gently with a cool head and a warm heart.

May everyone flourish and walk a beautiful trail.

May our lives have a meaning, and may love prevail.

These are my wishes. I hope you share them too.

Let’s be human humans, as from twenty twenty-two!

(Lieven Annemans)

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